Basic Training, Advanced Training, and Consulting



Catered to your needs to "make your wife happy, and your friends jealous!"

Our Basic Retriever Program will introduce your retriever to all aspects of a waterfowl or dove hunt: steadiness, gunfire and decoys, delivery to hand, multiple marks.  The Basic Obedience Program is a 4-6 month board and train.

Our Advanced Retriever Program produces a truly finished hunting companion and introduces blind retrieves, sitting on the whistle, and hand signals.  The Advanced Retriever Program is a 4-6 month board and train.


Train your dog to improve his quality of life.

Our basic obedience training will turn your 6 month or older puppy into a dog that is a pleasure to walk on the leash, will greet new people without jumping, and will recall when you call him.  This on-leash program is currently offered as a 1 month board and train.  

Our advanced training program builds upon the previously mentioned on-leash commands with off-leash proficiency.  The Advanced Obedience Program is an additional 1 month board and train. 


We believe a well-trained dog is one of God's greatest creations.  Our goal is to honor him through the way we train and care for your dog.